Joel Osteen Daily Devotional Oct 06 2019

Always On His Mind


How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!
Psalm 139:17, NIV


Have you ever had difficulty receiving from God because you thought, “God has better things on His mind,” or “This isn’t that important to Him”? It may be tempting to let your mind wander in that direction, but the truth is that nothing is more important to God than you are! You are God’s biggest deal. Every detail of your life matters to Him. Scripture tells us that He even counts the very hairs on your head. He bottles your tears and holds them as precious. You are important to Him, and nothing that concerns you is too big or too small for God!

Today, if you’ve had those discouraging thoughts come to mind, replace them by declaring the truth of God’s Word. Declare, “God’s thoughts are precious toward me. I am always on God’s mind. He loves me, and I matter to Him.” As you begin to replace the negative thoughts with the truth, your life will begin to change. You will see a transformation in your thinking. You’ll feel His love like you never have before. You will know Him in ways you’ve never known Him before, and you’ll experience His goodness and grace all the days of your life!


Father God, how awesome You are! How great is Your love! Help me to receive Your love so that I may know You more. Thank You for perfecting everything that concerns me as I daily cast my cares on You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Joel Osteen Daily Devotional Oct 06 2019

  1. Thank u god for everything in my life and i know u got more for me know and and.please god bless them who need u know k thank u god and u will fix everything for us thank u god.bless u and everyone amen and thank for the morning awake me up k amen

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